Curriculum Vitae

Start to See the Truth


I use narrative in painting to create stories that depict and explore the raw, messy, and seemingly unimportant moments in life that really say so much and when painted are full of drama:

In a living room lit only by a black and white television set sits a woman ironing clothes as she’s watching the Sunday night movie where lovers embrace passionately below the Arc de Triomphe. In the foreground, in the warm light of the dining room, stands a man on the telephone with a big smile. In the middle ground, in the shadows, stands a boy, directly behind the man, dressed in a 1950’s space costume holding a space gun.

I want to look at … to study …to understand the truth about who we are, what motivates us, what we react to and why; chemically, environmentally, and socially… to really stare it all in the eye and not be afraid of sharing or finding fraternity in those moments when we are at our most vulnerable; when the façade we have constructed as a result of experience - of conditioning, to ostensibly protect ourselves from each other (but mostly from ourselves) - slips for just. a brief. moment, and an authentic, true connection can be made.

There is great beauty in truth, regardless of whether it is pleasant or not; for each time it is recognized, humanity is affirmed.

The stories in my paintings do not provide resolutions or answers; only questions that offer the viewer an authentic moment to share and/or identify.